NECA has a robust commitment to promoting a tradition of safety in all members of the electrical and communications industry. The on-line suite of applications is aimed to offering highly related WHS training to all trade members wherever they are situated.One of the problems with asbestos exposure is that the well being effects can solely emerge m… Read More

Asbestos is present in many buildings constructed earlier than the 1980s. Generally, the presence of asbestos supplies don't pose a well being risk until the material is broken, deteriorating or disturbed in such a manner that mud containing asbestos fibres is produced (corresponding to during sanding or sawing).While principally chrysotile asbesto… Read More

Asbestos is the title given to a group of naturally occurring rock minerals which were shown to be dangerous to human health. The fibres are strong, warmth resistant and have pure insulating properties. Asbestos was used extensively in constructing merchandise in Australia. All use, import or manufacture of asbestos was banned fully in Australia by… Read More

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